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News of tourism and recreation in Shymkent

10/10/2018 21:30Kazakhstan's President calls for tourism development at Shymkent    ( CAPA - Centre for Aviation )
SCAT Airlines, via its official Facebook, announced (08-Oct-2018) Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev stated Shymkent must become a ...
10/09/2018 08:06Kazakhstan reveals major Turkestan cultural sites renovation plan    ( Astana Times )
The efforts are meant to boost Turkestan's tourism potential, which acquired new status of a regional capital in June after Shymkent joined Almaty and ...
09/26/2018 17:35Kazakhstan's Minister for Investment and Development considers Shymkent a promising destination    ( CAPA - Centre for Aviation )
Kazakhstan's Minister for Investment and Development Zhenis Kasymbek considers Shymkent to be a key destination for tourism growth in the coming ...
09/13/2018 08:30Young Kazakh entrepreneur produces halal cosmetics    ( Astana Times )
ASTANA – Husna Cosmetics, which sells natural halal items in Almaty, Astana, Shymkent and Uralsk, has been operating in the Kazakh market for the ...
09/05/2018 23:1010th 'Atameken' International Festival    ( )
Young performers from all over Kazakhstan, as well as guests from Russia, took part in the song contest. According to jury members, such ...
08/29/2018 13:10Kazakhstan's Finns and Karelians preserve and try to recover their traditions, culture    ( Astana Times )
ASTANA – Finns and Karelians in Kazakhstan are small in number yet strive ... There are three regional offices in Pavlodar, Oskemen, and Shymkent.
08/07/2018 07:40Sino-Kazakh border center turns into a mecca for tourist shopping    ( Shine News (press release) )
Sino-Kazakh border center turns into a mecca for tourist shopping ... She set off from Shymkent, spent two days on a train to Almaty, and took a bus to ...
08/07/2018 07:40Across China: Tourists from Kazakhstan spend big in Horgos    ( Xinhua )
Across China: Tourists from Kazakhstan spend big in Horgos ... She set off from Shymkent, spent two days on a train to Almaty, and took a bus to the ...
07/27/2018 12:00Turkistan as center of sacred tourism    ( )
The number of Uzbek tourists visiting Kazakhstan is growing every year. ... According to specialists, the launch of the bus routes between Shymkent, ...
06/26/2018 17:30Days of culture of Turkistan region    ( )
... to attribution of Shymkent to a city status of national importance, formation of a ... Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Sabira Abdraimova and laureate of ...
06/20/2018 19:05Turkestan region founded, Kazakh President's Decree    (
Astana hosted the 'Samgau' international theater festival -
05/01/2018 00:55Shymkent refinery to be shut by PetroKazakhstan    ( )
If you have forgotten your password, please click Forgot Password link to receive a new request for Password reset. Please enter your User Name. Please confirm your Password. All operations normal at OPaL plant. 30 Apr 2018 09:20 IST. Propylene prices inch lower in Asia. 30 Apr 2018 09:00 IST ...
04/23/2018 01:10Kazakhstan to resume flights to Hurghada in May    ( Egypt Independent )
Kazakhstan will operate direct flights from Astana to Hurghada airport starting in May, and will start other flights from Shymkent to Hurghada in June, which is expected to lead to the influx of more Kazakh tourists to the Red Sea and other governorates, according to Abdallah. Besides the flight resumption, ...
04/14/2018 14:55Shamshi Kaldayakov's new song was presented in Almaty    ( )
Kazakh king of waltz, Shamshi Kaldayakov's new song was presented in Almaty. Composition “Koktem Ani” that had never been performed before has been discovered in the great Kazakh composer Shamshi Kaldayakov's manuscripts. A big concert was held to premiere the previously unknown song.
04/14/2018 14:55Tokayev tells CIS MPs about Kazakhstan's spiritual revival    ( (press release) )
"President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev spearheads the program of spiritual modernization of our society that outlines clearly defined milestones of spiritual revival. Our goal is to create the culture based on centuries-old national roots and at the same time drawing from the best achievements of ...
04/10/2018 21:00Concert dedicated to Astana's anniversary    ( )
350 trainees of the music schools from Astana, Almaty and Shymkent performed on one stage with the famous Kazakh singers at gala concert. ... Karakat Abildina, Erke Esmakhan, Toregali Toreali, Madina Sadvakassova and other famous Kazakh artists shared the stage with the young talented trainees ...
04/06/2018 21:25“Astana! Brighter Together!” festival brings eco-culture to Kazakhstan    ( Astana Times )
The next festival will be held in Shymkent April 13 with 10,000 participants. Each city has own motto due to the environmental priorities of the region. Shymkent's is “Shymkent is my garden city.” The first Astana! Brighter Together! no-waste eco-festival, held Jan. 27, explored the creative potential of ...
03/31/2018 04:5517th international jazz festival ongoing in Almaty    ( (press release) )
Kazakhstan is represented by four bands - - Almaty Youth Jazz Band, Trio of Dmitry Sevastyanov, NasiafromAsia and a Shymkent band "Sunny City". "All the musicians who have been coming for all 17 years are always top class masters. We never negotiate with embassies who they should bring.
03/30/2018 22:45Kazakhstan's SCAT becomes the first in Central Asia to fly 737MAX    ( )
With the new 737MAX, SCAT will be able to expand its network, as up to 14 new routes are about to be launched out of airline's base in Kazakhstan's capital Astana, Denisov explains. SCAT Airlines was established in 1997 and based in Shymkent. It operates an extensive network of domestic services ...
03/29/2018 03:50Bakytzhan Sagintayev meets with agricultural producers of S Kazakhstan    ( (press release) )
ASTANA - SHYMKENT. KAZINFORM - Within a working visit to South Kazakhstan region, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev has held today a meeting with local farm operators on the implementation of the Government Program for the Agricultural Industry Development ...


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